Thursday, 7 April 2011

Bradford Textiles Society Competition :]

Today I recieved the news that I have won a commendation in the worshipful textiles section of the Bradford Textiles Society Competition. I have been smiling uncontrollably all day long and am very pleased with myself. I now feel inspired to enter more competitons and will make this a priority. So happpyyyyyyy. Here's some images of my entry.......


  1. So proud of you my little one! lets enter lots of competitions! Well Done, lots of love xxxx

  2. Hi Charlotte just want to congratulate you again..........WELL DONE!!! Your work is so inspirational, colourful and gorgeous that I am not at all supprised that you have be given an award. Joy

  3. Fantastic...well done...such vivid colours would cheer any one up mon a dark day!!!!